Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's harvest

There's plenty more where that came from!
I'm really impressed by Swiss chard.  We've already had a few days that have been almost 100 degrees and it hasn't even blinked.  I cannot believe how much chard I've harvested from five plants since they've been in the ground.  Seriously...if you've got Swiss chard growing in your garden, don't worry about going hungry!  The goats have eaten way more chard then we have, we just can't keep up with it.  Don't worry about them, those big pregnant ladies don't mind a bit.  I don't know how much longer my peas are going to be able to hold on though, those vines are starting to look unhappy.  Mine get full sun, and it's just getting too hot for them.  I planted the Progress #9 variety this year, an heirloom, and the peas are just huge!  Not as sweet as I was hoping for, but not too bad.  I'll likely plant it again.  My carrots are delicious and sweet, but not getting very big.  Little Ralph helped me plant the carrot seeds this time, and he thought they could be planted a little more closely together than the seed packet suggested.  So, I think I'll blame the cramped conditions instead of the variety.  That leaves the onions that I harvested today.  They are Spanish sweet onions, and are the first onions I've planted!  It's easy to miss "windows of opportunity" when it comes to our growing seasons here.  We've got four growing seasons, you literally can be planting something new and harvesting something new every month of the year.  It's so cool.  However, that means the seasons are short...and if you want to get in a crop, you have to be on the ball with your timing.  Finally I was on the ball with onions and leeks!  Tomorrow I need to space out some watermelon seedlings, and move some unhappy blueberries closer to the happy blueberries.  This desert gardening stuff is quite an adventure. 

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