Tuesday, May 3, 2011

R.I.P. Zoe

We lost a dear friend yesterday, our cat Zoe.  She had to be euthanized after tragically getting caught in the garage door.  Her back was broken; it was the most humane thing to do.  I had Zoe for 10 years.  She was my first "out on my own" pet.  Zoe was quirky, she loved to take showers with you...yes, I mean in the shower.  She's get sopping wet, but didn't care.  In fact, if you dared shut her out of the bathroom she would scratch at the door tirelessly and cry.  If you turned on the faucet at the bathroom sink she'd come running to get a drink, purring loudly.  She caught flies.  She loved to roll around in the dirt.  She didn't put up with the polar bear dog, Blue.  She thought ice cream was the most wonderful substance on Earth.  She loved my husband...very much.  I know she loved me too, but he held a special place in her heart.  During the few times that he would have to travel for work, she wouldn't sleep on our bed.  However, every night that he was home...she'd crawl right up on his chest, purr at him with her comfy-kitty bedroom eyes, and nip at him if he stopped petting her.  She wouldn't leave you alone at the computer.  To her, the most comfortable place to lay was right on top of your hands that were trying to type on the keyboard.  And she loved being out in the garden.

She'd hang out with me while I tended to the plants.  She and her pal, Frank, did a great job of keeping the local feral cats away from our yard.

One of my favorite memories of Zoe is back before my oldest child, Grace, was born.  Back when Ralph and I still lived in Michigan, in an apartment.  Every month, I'd walk the rent check to the office...and Zoe would follow me.  I'd go inside and she'd wait outside on the steps.  Then, we'd walk back home together.  The maintenance guys thought it was very strange that I took my cat for walks...I think they just secretly wished they had a cat as cool as mine. 

Zoe is now buried next to "her" garden bed.  Ralph dug a big hole, all of us gave her a kiss, thanked for her being such a good kitty, and we laid her down carefully.  The kids helped with their little hands to bury our friend, in the true Appalachia style...taking care of our own until the very end. 

There will never be a cat as cool as you, Zoe.  Take care of Maizie up there for me.  We will always remember you, and always love you.


  1. Oh Bethany I am so sorry, that is so sad. I had to put my little buddy Jake to sleep to early - it's devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your angel kitty.

  2. Thanks Ann...it's really hard when you lose the good ones.

  3. I'm so sorry for your family. Your cat sounds amazing. What a privilege to have been able to live with her all these years. When I had to put my cat down I had a panic attack. It was frightening. I know that kind of love. God bless.