Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day weekend, Part 1 (better late than never!)

We had lots of fun this past Labor Day weekend.  We went up to our fave dispersed camping spot near the Blue Ridge Reservoir in Coconino National Forest.

Grace used to call it "The Coconut Forest" of those little things that I can still hear her say.  I hold that memory dear to my heart.

Waiting for the fire...therefore waiting for dinner
 Note our 1969 Starcraft tent trailer in the background.  The Lobocki clan camps in style.

See that goose egg?
It took him 15 minutes to get hurt from the time we were all set-up.  A personal best.  In fact, he holds the family record.

A rarely seen frown-free Luke picture

Why does it have to be so difficult to photograph three year old boys?  It should be a law of nature that three year old boys cooperate with pictures so that their doting mothers can look at them, thinking positive thoughts, while the three year old boys are being challenging.  Gosh, I love the little imp.

Look at the little dears.
This is the kind of photo I was speaking of above.  I will accept the cheesy smile.  At least he wasn't pretending the camera is a stormtrooper.

They were patiently waiting for s'mores.

Okay fine.  I was not-so-patiently waiting for s'mores.  They just thought the fire was cool.

Look at his face now.
Wildlife photographers have it easy. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Planting some beans

Little Ralph quickly tired of not being able to help plant the tiny herb seeds.  So, he did what any Little Ralph would do and he took matters into his own hands.  Literally.

He decided bean seeds were a more manageable size and marched outside with the seed packet and clear intentions.

He's completely brilliant.  I didn't even have to explain to him the symbiotic relationship that results with companion plantings of corn and beans.  He already knew.  

Dumping out a few seeds

Placing them just so
Grace carefully watering our newly planted herb seeds
Time for some water...this ain't his first time at the rodeo
Accepting the help of a big sister's steady hand

You don't have to ask.  I have no idea why Grace was only wearing one shoe.  She's my kid...if you know me, that should be all the explanation that is necessary.

Little Ralph's rooster impression

Tuesday, September 7, 2010