Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new skirt for Princess Grace

I have enormous respect and admiration for crafty (literally speaking) women.  I've never been particularly creative or artistic, but I've longed for the knowledge of the traditional feminine arts, the "old ways," that have been largely cast aside through the decades due to feminism, technology, and our society's quest for all things easy and fast.  

It isn't often that a woman living in the year 2010 has to sit back and ask herself, "what would Ma Ingalls do?"  I think it's sad that so many of us women have lost the creative gumption of our great-grandmothers. 

I've had my sewing machine for nearly three years.  I just now finished my first sewing project.  It's a little pathetic, I know.  Sewing machines are very intimidating to me.  In a moment of naivete, three years ago, I decided I could teach myself how to use a sewing machine.   I taught myself how to knit, so darn it, I could teach myself how to sew.

This might sound sensible.  It isn't.  There are few things less intimidating than two knitting needles and a skein of yarn.  (Of course there are some complicated, advanced knitting stitches...but my 5 year old can learn how to cast on for crying out loud!)  I hit a wall that sad day when I unpacked my sparkling new sewing machine and tried...and tried again...and tried some more, to figure out the textbook of a manual that came with it.

Fast forward a few years and as fate would have it...my favorite neighbor knows her way around a sewing machine.  Between her patience, and lack of expectation for my perfection, I managed to finish a skirt for my lovely daughter Grace. The pattern is The Girly Skirt by Pink Fig. 

Yay!  My thirsty feminine soul has been quenched!  For today anyway... ;)

A close-up of the fabric.  I just love reproduction fabrics.
Little Ralph offering his critique of Grace's new skirt
She insisted on a curtsey.

With a skirt this fancy, one must always bob a curtsey.
Naturally the close of every photo session ends with love.
You didn't really believe that last caption, did you?  :)

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