Thursday, August 19, 2010

My future entomologist

Little Ralph loves bugs.  Yes I know many children have a fascination with all things gross, making goofy, inappropriate jokes about bugs, rear ends, and excrement of all kinds.  However, my baby LOVES bugs.  He doesn't think they are gross.  He thinks they are fantastic.  Every time he sees one he runs in to find me with widened eyes yelling, "BUH!" (This is "bug" in the language of little Ralphs)

He likes to pick them up, and study their legs, then set them back on the ground squealing with delight when they run off.

He insists that I appreciate how wonderful they are as well.  This leads to some interesting situations.  I won't bore you with the details.  I will just let your imagination do the work with these two words:  shower and cockroach.

A box elder beetle undergoing scientific study

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  1. I got to see his love for bugs first-hand when he tried, unsuccessfully, to grab a handful of bees off the plant in my front garden....YIKES! What a precious, fearless little man!! I love him!