Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wonderful compost fodder

I aspire to be self-sufficient.  As I learn and experiment, I'm trying to use as few inputs as possible.  Waste not, want not.

When we started house-hunting back in 2008, we had these requirements:
  1. No HOA
  2. As much land as we could afford, as close to the city as possible
  3. A house in at least livable condition, willing to consider a fixer-upper
When we found our house, my first stop was to check the municipal code of the Town of Gilbert.  This is a must if one desires to keep any sort of poultry or livestock.  Ralph and I wanted to do/grow/raise whatever we wanted on our little piece of the Earth.  

Keeping poultry and livestock has its advantages.  The obvious reason:  to have your own source of eggs, meat, and dairy from animals raised, fed, and treated just the way you'd prefer.  The other reason is for their manure.  God's creation is pretty incredible; everything about animals serves a purpose, including poo.  If one's aim is to garden organically, with as few inputs as possible, then using manure from your animals to add to your compost pile is a must.  

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