Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A moment of peace

With a house full of the bustling activity that comes from children and animals, one must appreciate the quiet moments.  It's a warm afternoon; 106 degrees outside, 86 degrees inside.  I hear Luke in the other room putting Legos together, little Ralph is napping, and Grace is playing with her American Girl dolls.  The dogs are napping, the chickens and turkeys are resting in the shade, our brand new Nubian doelings are contentedly chewing their cud.  I've been busy this afternoon preparing tonight's dinner: chicken pot pie.  A dish like this just isn't the same unless made with a stewing hen.  Indeed, this is a perk of having your own chickens.  Normally I would seize the opportunity to wash up the dishes currently waiting for me in the sink.  However, I decided to take a moment to type out my very first post here.  For far away loved ones, local friends, and those I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting;  these will be snapshots of my daily life.

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